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December 16, 2015


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Geological and hydrogeological survey, which cost 40 000-70 000 rub., holds a special organization. You can entrust this work and the designer, noting that position in the technical project. Studies of soils (referred to Construction slang \’geopodosnovy) must contain information about the physical and mechanical properties of soils, chemical composition and level of groundwater, soil strata scheme. If you refuse to conduct geological survey, the developer would have to assume full responsibility for possible negative consequences associated with errors in design and construction. The main elements of the house, providing energy conservation, are the walls, floors and roofing.

Therefore, it is very important for the homeowner to put before the planners problem of reducing heat loss through the building envelope, whose solution depends on correct choice of designs and materials for insulation. Duration of the project takes an average of about four months. But the design of \’smart\’ house with a system of supply and exhaust ventilation Central Air-conditioning and other terms may increase. The main sections of documentation are: – an architectural piece, which shows the general data presented floor plans, elevations and architectural sections, roof plan, an explanatory note – a constructive part, which shows drawings of foundations, floors, masonry or frame walls plans, elements of truss construction, sections of the foundation, construction sites, etc. – engineering sections include drawings of water and sewerage systems, electrical, heating and ventilation, low-voltage systems (telephone, Internet, radio, alarm system). For each system presented general information, floor plans, circuit systems, specification of equipment, products and materials.

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