Mary Parker Follett

March 1, 2019


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But it is important to understand that competitive advantages lie just in the features of companies, nuances, and if as a result of increasing the information environment and culture we do by leveling the general prescriptions, it would be an unforgivable mistake, so each project – is unique. For example, there are customers who prefer a hard, vertical bureaucratic management style, and they offer limited horizontal communication staff, and implement them only through supervisors. In this case, we are introducing a special series of assertions that all the horizontal connections were carried out only through the superior leader. At the same time for other customers, these horizontal connections are a competitive advantage – is essential mobility, high speed decision making. Therefore, each implementation system takes into account the particular company, all the improvements include its specificity and rigidly laid on. We also have customers who continue to cooperate with us after the introduction of the system: they there are new ideas and needs, and we are implementing these suggestions. Without hesitation Robert Bakish explained all about the problem. To do this, we have our own staff of developers, programmers, project supervision and dealing with customer support. In this sense, the fact that We are the developers of this software is already our competitive advantage.

– Please tell us about the most interesting completions systems that you performed for our customers? – One of our the last major projects was the introduction of management reporting for a large federal agency. Our task was to automate the collection of reports from various parts of the agency on the implementation of variety of tasks, decisions, activities, etc. In the diagnosis of the company revealed that the existing reporting was formed by a mechanical collection of data by multiple staff members and sending them the superior organization. Disadvantages of this approach – the enormous costs of the mechanical mixing of data and dependence on the group of staff involved in data collection. We automate these operations, the load was removed from the nodal Professional and evenly distributed it to all management staff. Now all the tasks in the system were instituted, and each employee at the touch of a button generates a weekly report on their activities.

Next, the system collects all data in a centralized record of departments, offices and throughout the agency. Likewise, you can create monthly, quarterly and other reports to sort by various parameters. The result of the introduction of such a management system was reporting a significant reduction in labor costs, a stable and transparent scheme of reporting, and most importantly improving the availability and quality of information. To paraphrase one of the pioneers in the field of management and organization theory, Mary Parker Follett, one can say that the best information systems are the best, not because they are endowed with some special qualities, and because they meet the requirements of the moment. I wish all companies comply with these requirements.

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