November 12, 2014


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Only sites with equal potential Dynamics win the competition for creative minds and prospects for the future of the location also depend on that there are people in the future, see a professional perspective in science and science-based companies. I.e.: the existing resources must be optimized to the preservation and expansion of innovation and knowledge. Compared to the classical factors of production management, the management of knowledge has his whole future ahead of her. There will be more and more important, that use knowledge-based products and services, because the market value of today\’s products and services to an ever larger share based on their information content. It iterates through several stages: from the data of the information up to the level of expertise. Sooner or later, technologies will be copied by imitators in low-wage countries. The strength of knowledge-intensive products enables a site, to benefit from this especially at the beginning of the life cycle of a product and also in the Comparison to justify higher costs to, for example, Chinese sites (as long as it there is no original research and development and is built only).

Sites that are informationalisieren\”can, will be better than those who cannot. If they know about it to use, existing knowledge, they will be even stronger and more valuable than that which are based only on information. The site with great potential for chance to win the competition to creative minds (prefer creative cities because they have more options: the technologically creative innovators, the economically creative entrepreneurs and the artistic/cultural creative artists appreciate it that they are neighbors in the same site). At the choice of the place of work creative not only by the attractiveness of the labour market can be, the cultural diversity, a generous climate of tolerance, as well as a pronounced stimulus environment of education and science is just as important for them. Detailed Versions, with Becker, Jorg: site analysis, cultural and creative economy – how the site is creative? ISBN 978 3 8391 2058 3 I.e. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. the interplay between technology, talent and tolerance is crucial to the creative appeal of a site. Competence networks can act as communication forums, which can improve competitiveness and development potential of the site. Also representatives from research and education, politics, management and many other areas (for example culture, sport, tourism and others are involved in these networks in addition to companies.

The advantage for all involved lies in the possibility of the exchange of information and networking business (E.g. address new customer target group, search suitable cooperation partners). Competence networks can also help to exploit existing synergies and innovation potential detailed designs, with Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital ISBN 978 3 8370 7132 0 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

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