Organizing a Wireless Network

November 19, 2014


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And so, we begin with the situation: move – like many in this word, for Russian hearts got carried away. To be more precise with the final stage of the event: all transported, furniture is in the system unit and wires stuck here: and the Internet? Begin interviewing neighbors, numerous calls providers and can I say: Stop! All can be simplified if there is a handy mobile Internet. At the moment, to acquire such, no longer a rarity, it is not special difficulties in mind the many promotional offers from operators and modem connection will cost 200 usd. Now we all need to distribute to multiple computers. There are many different proposals routers, will not penetrate into the details and differences between the models, discuss the proven, past the Crimea and Rome (well, at the expense of Rome was not sure, but the possibility is not excluded), routers D-Link DIR-320 and D-Link DIR-412. Dermot McCormack has similar goals.

If necessary distribution exclusively on the Internet WI-FI then stop on the D-Link DIR-412, he and compact, and sleek looks, the average price hovering around 700 uah. When there is a need to distribute and to desktop computers over a network cable here opt for D-Link DIR-320 firmware adapted to work with usb modems, the average price of this router approximately 650 usd. D-Link DIR-320 over a network cable can give online to 4 PCs simultaneously, and of course for WI-FI. Time connection takes just a few minutes, enough to connect the modem and the router to apply for food. This scheme is also used to feed the Internet in the receivers (tuners) are used for satellite television. Summing up the above figures, we conclude that this set will cost around 900 uah. For simplicity and ease of solution, taking into account the saved time and frustration, this is not a significant sum.

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