July 9, 2016


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This in turn had beginning with the conquest of Ceuta, in the North of Africa, in 1415, supported for the State. Throughout century XV, Portugal was the pioneer of the maritime expansion for being the first one European country to construct to a State Absolutist capable to support the navigations. Little by little the Portuguese had been advancing in direction India, always skirting the Atlantic coast of the African continent, establishing commercial ranks. The Portuguese maritime expansion, had two objectives: to convert the peoples infidels the faith catholic and to search wealth. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more. In some trips carried through throughout the coasts of Africa, the Portuguese and Spaniard established feitorias where they got gold, pepper, salt, and at the same time, African slaves commercialized what he gave origin to the slave traffic, commerce between America, Africa and Europe. important to remember, that Portugal and Spain, main European countries of the time disputed lands ' ' descobertas' '. To decide of form it pacifies the conflict was created the Treated one to Tordesilhas, has even so not happened in the practical one, therefore Portugal is wronged and the conflicts had continued (also for the Brazilian Colony). In March of 1500, few months after the return of Vasco of Gamma Portugal, a composed squadron of 13 ships, led for Peter Alves Cabral, broke with destination India.

After to exceed the islands of Green Handle, the route of Cabral was moved away from the coasts of Africa intentionally or not, following route the coast of the Bahia, in the place today called Safe Port. Officially for the Europeans, Brazil was ' ' descoberto' '. In letter to the king of Portugal, Pero Vaz makes a significant description for the settling and exploration of Brazil: … So far we could not know if it has gold or silver in it, or another one cousa of metal or iron: nor we saw it to it.

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