Runic: The Game

October 3, 2018


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Runic is a game entirely in Spanish and free. It’s gameplay is a mixture multiplayer role-playing and strategy. It is based in medieval fantasy and also contains many elements from the literature of Tolkien. Emphasize that it is compatible for both Windows and Linux. The game is currently in beta, but is more active than ever, evolving from week to week, improving and making thousands of people enjoy this mmorpg unlimited quality Spanish.

The record, as we have said before, is free and allows you to have an account with which you create the character (you can create up to 6). In the game your character will face each other using runes. The gameplay is turn-based, and each turn consists of several phases. To win the opponent, you just need a good strategy and good runes in agreement with it. Individual challenges you face in which each player will use his Avatar and runes to get to defeat the opponent.

Every time your character is in front and win the other players will acquire experience with which to improve their own skills and their runes besides gold with which to buy new runes. The game has a market of runes, sell and independently in the short and long term, or you can barter, exchanges and sales to individual players. Hundreds of runes will be at your fingertips. Cara rune with your level, features, there are various types, creatures, magic items, powers, creatures, objects and powers. . . and what else. There muuuchisimas, each with different characteristics, creating a diverse environment at the time of combat, with many possible combinations. . . with only one goal: to defeat your opponent. It also has a chat room, where lively conversations with other players, have private conversations, sending challenges, official tournaments often the character can choose a profession of 6, to further customize your player and acquire special runes according to your profession, to which you can improve and customize with the skills to runes. All so you can define your own strategy that fits over you, that way the victory will be closer. Participate in tournaments, you can join a clan, promote, their functioning or become your own. You will have runes to buy, sell or trade with other players. Besides the anger level and experience you will have getting a reputation that will be maintained. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. You can move through the different regions in search of new opponents, tournaments, clans or runes exclusive and inaccessible to have to become invincible. All this and much more is runic. Both downloading the game as the installation and discharge of a character is completely free. The game is really quite addictive. You only need an Internet connection to start playing and exploring all that gives you runic. Worthwhile.

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