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Latin American

October 29, 2021


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The index of the So Paulo stock exchange, that was in 100 points in beginning of years 1960 almost arrived the 90,000 points in 2008. Contact information is here: CT100. great part of this success must to the foreign capitals. The investments right-handers had only answered for 18% of the Brazilian GIP in 2009. The foreign physical investors had only represented 13.6% of the Brazilian market of action. As he suggests Krugman & Obstfeld (2010, p.465), ' ' the stock exchange in the whole world is facilitating the communication between markets, and the companies each time more reveal made use to vender its action are of pas' '. This was not enough, each time more if they inside expand variations of the proper financial market, as futures market, futures markets, market of options and strategies purely speculative impensveis, as the action rent. That is, for the speculator and/or investor, for the anonymous societies and financial institutions, international the financial market presents excellent chances.

For the optics of the governments, the financial market if became, from the decade of 1960 (stops mainly, the States in development), an important source of capital for financing of investments. Given low to the national saving of Latin American countries, for example, the financial market it was an important source so that the governments invested. That is, the abundant saving in countries central offices and with low chances of investment was deviated, saw stock market, for economies with high chances of investment, but low level of saving. Not obstante, this market is a chance for the financing of dficits public, process initiated for the United States. However, the effect of the bad use or extreme use of the financial market can be so catastrophic how much the potencializao of profits that it provides. For the companies, demasiadamente volatile investments can sacrifice them in the next social exercise or until taking them it the bankruptcy or acquisition for other groups.

Revolutionary Party

August 29, 2018


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As of today it again begins the campaigns to the gubernatura of the state Leon, after 6 years we could be witnesses of the change of governor for our state, from today we will be able to see the candidates in sinfn of promotional events of its electoral campaigns. Rodrigo Medina, began with many activities that to do in their campaign, began meetings with promising young people, who form part of unions and groupings of workers, and with the candidates to mayorships. To the 10:00 in the morning in Cintermex, it will give to beginning the electoral campaign of the candidate to the gubernatura by Institutional the Revolutionary Party, Rodrigo Medina, where a meeting with young PRI members will take place, because until today the advantage of Rodrigo Medina, it is youth. When finishing it will maintain to another meeting in the municipality of Guadalupe, around the 2:00 of afternoon, with the leaders of different unions from workers. Nevertheless the most representative event of the day, will not happen but until the 5:00 of afternoon, in center Convex, where one will meet with the candidates again PRI members to the different mayorships from the State Leon, in this meeting would present/display his project of government, looking for the support of these candidates. But not yet it finishes his itinerary for his first day of campaign, the candidate PRI member Rodrigo Medina, will attend the place where its closing of pre-campaign was realised, the municipality of Apodaca, where it will maintain to a meeting with Benito Horseman, the candidate to the mayorship. Rodrigo Medina, hopes that those are the votes of the municipality of Apodaca take that it to the triumph. Original author and source of the article.

European Bank HSBC

August 16, 2016


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The lack of control in the main Bank of Europe, HSBC, and the inaction of the regulators allowed that Mexican drug cartels wash their billions of money through its United States operations, said a Senate investigation that has next Tuesday a hearing on the subject. The extensive report about HSBC Holdings PLC headquartered in London was disclosed on Monday by the Senate Permanent investigations Subcommittee, on the eve of the hearing. This indicates that American regulators knew that the Bank had a lax system for detecting problems but refrained from taking action. Also, some branches of HSBC Bank evaded bans by the American Government against financial transactions with Iran and other countries, the report adds. And the American division of HSBC provided money and banking services to some banks in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh which is believed may have helped finance al – Qaida and other terrorist groups. USA money market is a practical guide of high interest to professionals on topics related to the economy, consumption and general information on the States\’s highest concentration of Hispanics in the United States, with special emphasis on Florida. The full story is found in

Inflation System

February 21, 2016


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The system of inflation goals is a relatively new regimen, being adopted for the first time in 1990, for the New Zelndia. Later, some countries, developed and in development, had introduced the system formal, as it was the case of Brazil in 1999. The objective of this work is to analyze the system of inflation goals, being detached its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of this regimen in controlling the inflation taxes. Ademais, also will be evaluated the performance of the goals of inflation in Brazil enters the years of 1999 the 2010, searching to demonstrate where degree the goals had been fulfilled. The changeable credibility will be analyzed, verifying the questioning: The Central banking has credibility before the public? Therefore it is the responsible one for the monetary politics, primordial factor in the search for low levels of inflation. In section 2 of the work, he will be made a conceptual revision and a historical description on the previous period to the system of inflation goals, presenting still the advantages and disadvantages of this system. In section 3 he will be verified implementation of the system in Brazil and analyzed the performance of the country in the current period to the years of 1999 the 2010.

In section 4 it is presented mensurao of the credibility and the reputation of the Central banking, in this exactly system. 2 SYSTEM OF INFLATION GOALS the first section of the present chapter has for objective, to present a conceptual revision of the system of inflation goals being used some of the main authors of this area. The following section will go to analyze the description of the previous period to the adoption of this system. finishes it section will approach the advantages and disadvantages of this regimen. 2,1 CONCEPTUAL REVISION OF the SYSTEM OF INFLATION GOALS the inflation can be appraised as a continuous and generalized increase in the level of prices.

French System

February 19, 2016


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This value is determined by the formula: P = C x (1 + i) n x i (1 + i) n – 1 Where: P = value of the parcel C = value of the operation/loan/financing i = tax of interests accomplishes to the month n = time the use of mathematical expression n (it reads-seelevado to the n) has been reason of great quarrel for to be characteristic dejuros composites, what in the legal way anatocism is called. The practical one of the anatocism is vetoed by the Decree n. 22626 of 07 of April of 1933 (Law of Usury). Kai-Fu Lee will not settle for partial explanations. Of> agreement comCunha, Anatocism is the incidence of interests on interests in activities definanciamento, and also it can be appraised as practical the predatory financial daatividade that harms the borrower very, either oujurdica natural person, extending the indebtedness of brutal form. I compute it of the interests in a financing is structuralized to parapermitir the fulfilment, for the borrower, of this commitment. In case deinadimplncia, the installments in opened never must be dislocated from the evolution dofinanciamento and, in hypothesis some added total or aosaldo partially wing of the financing. In the demonstrations to follow the seguintesdados ones will be used: – Financed Value: Cz$ 188,036, 22, date of referncia12/1986; – 240 monthly and consecutive installments readjusted conformeo Minimum wage and in common conformity with the contracted tax; – Nominal Tax of interests of 9,5% to the year – Tax of interests accomplishes of 9,925% to the year – > 0,007916851a. m. P = C x (1 + i) n x i (1 + i) n – 1 P = 188,036, 22 x (1+ 0.007916851) 240 1 P = 188,036, 22 X (0,0525390153973231) to P = $1,752, 77 5,63635268584985 Value of the Installments = Cz$ 1,752, 77 As dafrmula could above be evidenced through the development used, is not so simple (for a person without a deepened conhecimentomatemtico) the determination of to be used value as prestaofixa in the firmed contracts that use the French System of Amortization – Price Table.

The Battle Against Poverty

June 25, 2015


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Argentina is concentrating on the training of its human capital by their geography, for the distribution of population centers, and natural resource endowments, is in an ideal location in relation to many countries. Most of us were escaping record, that this questioning of the \”American way of life\”, which is a constant in our already long speech, the harshest critics come from the same United States. We have already mentioned the pioneering attitude of California hippies, but there are many people currently embarking on projects like \”eco-village\”, \”Post Carbon societies\” and implementing a concept they call \”relocalizing\”, which is quite similar to what we come preaching as \”neo-ruralizacion.\” This is reflected even in the films called \”eco-thrillers.\” We have no doubt that cultural change is inexorable to the people of Argentina can achieve a high quality of life through sustainable development or sustainable. Should not be overlooked that these goals must be reconciled with a bloody battle against poverty and destitution. Although it should record that the poor and indigent, culturally appear to be more prepared for this inevitable \”cultural change.\” Minimize or eliminate carbon emissions anywhere in the world, which is now organized nation-states that are gradually framing patterns generated by the United Nations system, influenced by the G-8, and that national parliaments are becoming laws, is the voice of order, minimize or eliminate carbon emissions, we repeat, implies that they must stop circulating the eight million vehicles currently circulating in Argentina. The circumstances and obvious resistance tell if this decline will be gradual or traumatic. Implies stop using plastics as containers and essential purpose. Means that many electrical current, once moved manually re-so, with appropriate updates materials.

Already expressed that this work has limitations monographs, for which multidisciplinary approach would increase the list of activities susceptible of generating carbon dioxide and replacement activities that do not generate or minimize these emissions. This implies significant changes in lifestyles that so far we have been unfolding, even as they did previous generations, but this is the challenge of the hour. We know that this kind of considerations, itchy or irritation in many people. We see when we discussed the issue with our closest relationships. But scholars have a social role to play and we must not hide the things that emerge from our research. We said things that can surprise to insiders, but we believe there is a gap between the kind of knowledge that is managed between them and what reaches the bulk of the population, although it is acknowledged that some degree of appeasement with the media begin to radiate this content. Ecology is not an activity or sympathetic picturesque, as it wanted to be decades ago. Learn more at this site: Douglas R. Oberhelman. It makes the possibility of the continuity of the human saga on this blue planet.

Central Banking

April 25, 2014


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The Central banking (BC) surprised the market. Opposing the majority of the forecasts, the institution kept the rhythm of relief in the monetary politics and cut the basic interest of the economy (Selic) in 1 porcentual point, for 9,25% to the year. The majority of the forecasts pointed reduction of 0,75 point. With the room followed cut, Brazil starts to have Selic of a digit for the first time since that the tax was servant, in 1986. The next decisions, however, must more be comedidas. In note, the BC said that it will start to act in way ' ' more parcimoniosa' '. Since the 2003 end, at the beginning of the government Squid, the BC did not promote a sequncia of cuts of interests of this magnitude.

E, for the first time since that the current series is measured, the interests in Brazil are below of the two digits. With this, the real interest (nominal tax of interests less the inflation) is between 4% and 5% to the year. It is good for remembering that in 2003, proper president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva arrived to say that the tax of a digit was one ' ' dream of the team econmica' '. At the time, it was in 26%.A decision was not consensual. Of the eight votes, six had been favorable the 1 point and two had opted to 0,75 point. But two directors of the BC, Mrio Mosque (Economic policy) and Mrio Tors (Monetary Politics), both deriving ones of the market, had voted for the low one of only 0,75 point in the Selic defended for the financial system. The maintenance of the rhythm of the cut practised in April was, according to BC, taken ' ' in view of the perspectives for inflao' '. The gesture of ousadia of the BC came, however, folloied of an acknowledgment: daqui for ahead does not have more guarantee of reductions in the Selic.

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