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2. The second kind of happiness (a man) – creative happiness – an emotional lift and satisfaction derived from the work, as well as public acceptance of the fruits of creativity. 3. The third kind of happiness – the happiness of love, which is based on instincts, so that it contains elements of child care-free happiness, although its natural sense – procreation. 4. The fourth kind of happiness – the joy of meeting the needs.

Also the natural feeling of happiness that comes from a comfortable existence, and after satisfying hunger or thirst, and adults – and sexual satisfaction. 5. And finally, the fifth type of happiness – the marital happiness. This species can be considered as the most human, as for his sense of need is not only instincts, but also a certain level culture and civilization (equality and mutual respect). All kinds of happiness are more or less clear, although most 'blurred' to understand people, but also the most human kind of happiness (peculiar only to humans, and even then – with relatively high level of culture) is a happy family. Moreover, it does not come by itself, since it is not natural and instinctive, but is achieved by joint efforts beloved couples, allowing instinctive The natural increase of mutual love at the highest level – conjugal love. This goal, although at first glance it seems selfish, satisfies all the basic needs of modern man and brings harmony to his life, not giving the pursuit of happiness 'deadlock'.

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals – is not just a clever imitation diamonds, this jewelry products in the form of figurines, pictures of crystals. Swarovski crystal stones are now used in the manufacture of fashionable clothes, jewelry, fixtures and cosmetic industry. Swarovski crystals are also used in interior design. Especially popular in recent years have become crystal Swarovski pictures on various topics: celestial bodies, flora and fauna of the world, signs of the zodiac. Each painting is handcrafted by sophisticated technology. Crystal paintings are works of art, consisting of hundreds and thousands of Swarovski rhinestones. This is an unforgettable piece of jewelry Beauty! Crystal – it is the only material that is other than diamonds and precious stones in some precise cutting can effectively reflect the rays of light shine and sparkle like a rainbow. Swarovski picture draw, from which it is impossible to look away.

A variety of color and shape of crystal stones attached pictures of a sparkling, magnificent view. Swarovski will give a special atmosphere to any interior! Swarovski – Crystal pictures represent a work of art that can be an excellent gift for your favorite holiday. Iridescent glitter Swarovski will not leave indifferent. What we know about the crystals, except that this is a clever imitation diamonds? To start a little history. It is known that the name of the crystals have a well-known names in the eighteenth century by Georges Frederic Strass. Strass was known to have had the reputation of a great craftsman in forged brilliantov.I if at the time production of artificial diamonds was considered a fraud, in our time, some products are equated with rhinestones to works of art. It is known that many famous ladies did not consider it shameful to appear in society, showing off jewelry with rhinestones. We offer a picture of the original crystals.

Swarovski picture – this is a frame with a dark background, the glass of the elite which are laid out a variety of interesting crystals subjects. The unique play of light on the faces of the crystals immediately draws attention to the picture. Such pictures are Swarovski crystal and beautiful original gift. We also accept orders for manufacturing portraits of different images and logos of Swarovski crystals.