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The Mobile

April 5, 2013


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Told him his immediate admission to the Hospital. I have just been informed that it suffers from a thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Does that mean?, asked alarmed. They say that no one well knows its origin, which may be genetic, but that is not always. It may be serious as it can fully recover. Blood has a bleeding disorder that makes platelets, which are part of the elements that compose it, be grouped together and that makes these spots appear on the skin. We have to wait for the developments.

How easy is to say certain things! How is expected in these cases, without dying in the attempt, had asked her. I am desperate, I thought that you had to know it. Of course that he had to know it! He said without hesitation, I thank you that you have called me. What time can I call you, to know as follows? You call me, whenever there is a change, you think well? I do not think that I move from the hospital. But let me be by your side, I will stay in the waiting room. It might not be in my house waiting for. Of course, but we are at home, leave the message on the answering machine, and points to the time in which we can find them to you to talk without interrupting them if you are in a medical consultation. The mobile number gave you yours and Mabel and scored by Pete.

I have to be disconnected mobile, as well as Mabel, when we are giving class, but you\’ll just finished, if I see that there is a message. They spoke two or three times per day. Alex noticed that the voice of Sophie cracked many times a phone, and that he was greatly concerned. They have started to make plasmapheresis, say that it is a quite effective treatment and has generally achieved very good results.

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