The Battle Against Poverty

June 25, 2015


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Argentina is concentrating on the training of its human capital by their geography, for the distribution of population centers, and natural resource endowments, is in an ideal location in relation to many countries. Most of us were escaping record, that this questioning of the \”American way of life\”, which is a constant in our already long speech, the harshest critics come from the same United States. We have already mentioned the pioneering attitude of California hippies, but there are many people currently embarking on projects like \”eco-village\”, \”Post Carbon societies\” and implementing a concept they call \”relocalizing\”, which is quite similar to what we come preaching as \”neo-ruralizacion.\” This is reflected even in the films called \”eco-thrillers.\” We have no doubt that cultural change is inexorable to the people of Argentina can achieve a high quality of life through sustainable development or sustainable. Should not be overlooked that these goals must be reconciled with a bloody battle against poverty and destitution. Although it should record that the poor and indigent, culturally appear to be more prepared for this inevitable \”cultural change.\” Minimize or eliminate carbon emissions anywhere in the world, which is now organized nation-states that are gradually framing patterns generated by the United Nations system, influenced by the G-8, and that national parliaments are becoming laws, is the voice of order, minimize or eliminate carbon emissions, we repeat, implies that they must stop circulating the eight million vehicles currently circulating in Argentina. The circumstances and obvious resistance tell if this decline will be gradual or traumatic. Implies stop using plastics as containers and essential purpose. Means that many electrical current, once moved manually re-so, with appropriate updates materials.

Already expressed that this work has limitations monographs, for which multidisciplinary approach would increase the list of activities susceptible of generating carbon dioxide and replacement activities that do not generate or minimize these emissions. This implies significant changes in lifestyles that so far we have been unfolding, even as they did previous generations, but this is the challenge of the hour. We know that this kind of considerations, itchy or irritation in many people. We see when we discussed the issue with our closest relationships. But scholars have a social role to play and we must not hide the things that emerge from our research. We said things that can surprise to insiders, but we believe there is a gap between the kind of knowledge that is managed between them and what reaches the bulk of the population, although it is acknowledged that some degree of appeasement with the media begin to radiate this content. Ecology is not an activity or sympathetic picturesque, as it wanted to be decades ago. Learn more at this site: Douglas R. Oberhelman. It makes the possibility of the continuity of the human saga on this blue planet.

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