The Black Market

March 9, 2017


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The black market does not apply exclusively to products of first necessity: countries that prohibit, restrict or allow the sale to high price of tobacco or alcohol lead to the appearance of people who introduce these products illegally. Similarly, the sale of drugs, weapons and other substances not allowed by law are black markets of enormous dimensions. Illicit currency changes also tend to be considered as black market operations. In this case, the cause is the fixing of an official exchange rate at levels that do not reflect its real exchange rate.

Thus, strong foreign currency holders (usually dollars, but recently also euros) sold outside markets officials, to avoid having to change them to less advantageous exchange rates. Some definitions and clandestine speculative market black mode scope, designed to take advantage of a particular juncture, characterized by the lack or lack products, generally, money, currency, etc. black market that market forms aside from legal or official market, when the authority prevents the free operation of market through administrative arrangements as official pricing, .. black market. Market where they operate aside from the primary Ley.Mercados. Markets where the emission of an instrument is first offered or sold to the public. interesting is to take into account also the reach impact the black market has developed, which already operates not only in the traditionally known form, but thanks to the advance of modern, computer technology, already refers to the black-market in interent and thereon contributes us, that a recent study carried out by the company\’s GData security, revealed updated data on the black market in Internet. The biggest revelation of all, demonstrates that illegal transactions carried out on the web can reach 70 billion.

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