The Lagoon System 40 But Efficient That The Washing In Dry

The department of innovation and development of the tax exemptions of Lagoon dry cleaners, has elaborated a complete report comparing the power consumptions, water, dissolvents and soaps, between the novel Lagoon system and a machine of last generation of the traditional washing in dry. This report power it is come off that the tax exemptions Lagoon dry cleaners are a more efficient 40%, speaking, besides not generating no type of remainder. Aside clearly of the excellent quality of washing that porporciona Lagoon. Consumption by kilo of clothes treated Machine about dry Percloroetileno Lagoon System Washed to the water Water 19.2 liters 15.4 liters Electricity 0.69 kwh 0.29 kwh Detergent 4 -8 15 ml 20 ml Percloroetileno 60 grams – Destiny of the emissions Machine of dry Percloroetileno Lagoon System Washed to the water Water public Sewage system public Sewage system Electricity Atmosphere like? T Atmosphere like? T Detergent Bottoms of distillation public Sewage system Percloroetileno Bottoms of destilacin2 Water of contact Atmosphere Articles Ground (flights) – We analyzed the data of the study (all the consumptions are by kilo of treated clothes): WATER: The washing with a machine of dry requires of 19.2 liters of water whereas with the system lagoon 15.4 liters are only spent. Thus we see that we spent more water with the washing in dry that with the Lagoon system, that is specifically a water washing. That is to say, that the volume of water that needs the dry machine to only cooling is much greater than the one than needs the Lagoon system for all the process cleaning. ELECTRICITY: With the cost of electricity it passes a thing similar that with the cost of the water. Whereas to wash a kilo of clothes with a machine that uses Percloroetileno we needed 0.69 Kwh. with the system of washing with water of Lagoon we used only 0.29 Kwh.

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