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May 22, 2016


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This works well for people, who are not experts in the field of security, PC, or video surveillance. Who ever built, knows the problem: If you want to know how it looks on the construction site, must go. While a video surveillance or observation would be but an obvious solution. It sits in front of the home PC, and turns on the camera. In addition, a TimeShift – function is a timelapse movie great, and of course in hindsight. But how do you realized that? The question: \”as I realize the observation of any construction project by means of a video surveillance camera, although no Internet is available on-site, and thus is a W-LAN solution not in question\”, will be therefore very often.

Of course would be a Videokamera(s) with connected DVD / SD-card / – recorder – but then no life images. Also you want to Yes to permanently monitor Yes a construction site, and then the disk space problem quickly arises. This is indeed limited. Get more background information with materials from Samsung. The Travido GmbH here offers a completely new approach: the video security camera Travido 240 3 G is equipped with a Vodafone UMTS chip from House. The camera sends up to 2 frames per second, in particular via Vodafone directly on the Internet. The images are stored on the storage servers of the company Travido, and stored there for too long on desire.

(Additional costs for a longer period). Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. To do this the company even a comfortable Web browser Viewer offers, which is customizable, offers TimeShift using drag-and drop functionality with mouse and created movies as time lapse lists on request. The cameras offered reason in addition to the rent. Rental period is 1 month up to a maximum of 12 months, but can be extended. The special feature: the configuration effort is minimal. The camera is installed (posts, neighbor\’s house etc.) in one place and requires only power. So, power sends the camera is her pictures on it, and from this date. From this moment you have to worry as a customer to nothing more. Simply log in to the Viewer, and look at the result. How this can look, displays the Web page. User name there is \”guest\”, and PW \”guest\”, also of course without quotes. This solution is suitable for building owners as well as for construction companies, which want to offer a special service. By the way, the legal side is clearly covered. Here priority is the protection of property on its own grounds – however is to make sure that only the construction site is filmed. The principle is the same as in a supermarket, which is equipped with cameras. The protection of property is here over the rights to one\’s own image.

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