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November 12, 2014


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Cheap digital cameras are suitable for private use very well. Many expensive products are only functions of the user anyway not used. A digital camera stores photos on a digital storage medium, in contrast to conventional cameras. It also needs electricity to operate continuously to be able to. Therefore, the camera usually contain batteries or batteries that supply them. However, there is also the possibility of the camera connected to a power supply or to use it as a webcam on the computer. A few cameras offer the possibility to be operated with solar energy. The images are usually stored on a removable medium.

Can also be stored directly on the camera. Depending on how large the space is, the more or fewer images can be saved. With little space, it is good if the pictures are often on a different media can be overwritten. A photograph is created in a digital camera in 13 steps. First, the image is in focus and then calculated how long and how much must be exposed.

If all this was done the image is optically projected through the lens and optical filter. This means that all the unwanted rays are filtered out. The light intensity of the projected image is first converted into analog electronic signals and then into digital signals. Then, the brightness of the image are calculated and possible errors in the image processed or refined. The last image is compressed and then stored. The speed of this process is described as image-building, because only after saving a new image can be made. The speed of it varies from camera to camera. Even with the other three characteristics for a speed camera varies the time. The three other factors related to the delay between turning the camera and the willingness to take a picture, between triggering of an image and the actual shooting of the picture and the time required by the digital camera for a picture to make sharp. An important feature of Quality of the digital camera is the resolution it has. The higher the resolution, the better pictures can be made. For many private individuals also have a low weight and small size is crucial. Of these variables, the model is crucial, not price. Large cameras are often expensive than small ones.

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