Joint Innovation Strategy

October 19, 2014


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On Ricoh\’s \’European Technology Advisory Conference\’ in London, Europe\’s leading IT experts discuss trends and innovations in document management. London, August 9, 2010 as most companies now are in favour of the participants of this year\’s European Technology Advisory Conference innovations as crucial for the success of the business,\”(eTAC) from 22 to 24 June 2010 a model where internal stakeholders and external partners alike are responsible for promoting innovation. At the Summit, which is organized annually by Ricoh European Technology Centre, IT experts from prestigious European IT companies participated, to discuss innovations in the area of document management. The conclusions reached by the participants reflect mostly observations of Ricoh Europe, demand of its customers increased services and production printing, one a leading provider of digital Office solutions, managed document for customized products and Services experience. The Group of participants of the workshops at the Rugby Stadium in Twickenham comprised senior IT professionals from 20 companies in the list of Fortune Global 500 companies. The significant majority of participants (7 of 10) was of the opinion that the range of innovative products and solutions not only by external providers should arise intended, but rather from the needs and goals of the company out. The vast majority (8 of 10) stated that she was more willing to pay for innovations, she actively participated in its development. The eTAC Forum has long been a proponent of a community approach to innovation: so about 80 percent of the findings to entrepreneurial challenges, which were discussed at the event, flow directly into the research, development and product planning cycles by Ricoh.

The European technology centre\”is part of a global network of technology centres of the Ricoh Group with offices in Japan, Singapore, China and the United States. This unique approach in relation to Ricoh innovations enables a still closer contact with its customers, feedback make a direct impact on the activities in the field of research and development. Michael Irvine, Managing Director and Vice President of the Ricoh European technology centre\”, explains: the feedback we have received from the majority of this year\’s eTAC participants, has encouraged us, as they fully embrace Ricoh\’s customer-driven innovation approach to solutions and product design. The main objective of this annual Conference is to promote conversations with CIOs and to find new strategic document management solutions. By accurate listening to we are able to understand the key challenges and key business objectives of participants and thus to develop solutions according to their specific needs.\” About Ricoh Ricoh Company, Ltd (Ricoh Company\”) is a leading technology provider with a focus on Office and production printing.

Ricoh works with Companies around the globe with the modernisation of job creation and a more efficient handling of documents. The company has a worldwide 108.500 employees and operates in Europe, North, Central and South America, the Asia-Pacific region, China and Japan. Ricoh Europe Holdings plc is a public limited company. The headquarters of Ricoh Company in the EMEA region are located in London, United Kingdom, and in Amstelveen in the Netherlands. Ricoh\’s activities in the EMEA region recorded a total turnover amounting to over 458,5 billion YEN ($4.5 billion) in the last fiscal year, which ended on March 31, 2010.

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