Mobility Management A La Carte

May 26, 2016


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Mobility is not a question of status and comfort. It is a matter of intelligence. u0085Let\’s suppose you have a eSchlussel margin vehicle fleet. Time adopted this key goes to at least 180,000 completely identical vehicles, which are part of a closed system, which in terms of mobility in the 22 largest cities in Germany (Berlin and Munster) completely sets new standards (more cities will follow). Scene from your future everyday life: you travel by train or plane to the location of your choice. On the way you plan already dates of your stay and the distribution there.

To use an application of the margin of mobility management and look where is located the nearest vehicle from the shared fleet. NAVSTAR GPS in combination with your own application marks all sites of shared vehicles of all categories of our margin fleet, of which each individual vehicle can be call (with the respective history). They go on foot, and they recognize the car, like all vehicles of the Margin fleet from the same manufacturer and in full equipment in its own subtle way now for you is recognizable. The keyless go system is activated by your personal eSchlussel. Through a coordinated solution, each vehicle in our fleet knows the personal basic adjustment to your person. Modify them in a vehicle, it is adjusted in all 180,000 vehicles. You feel always immediately at home. Must tank up as usual when the tank gets food.

So a sophisticated system helps capital, intelligent use of resources and transport systems. Because this carries a membership fee the fixed costs (capital including the supplied maintenance costs) of the fleet, the tank – and communication costs (connection kit) 1:1 over the internal billing system in the margin are passed through, you benefit from an absolutely simple and intelligent solution. Plus: If someone asks you for your own car, you can simply say: I have 180,000 Cars. Note: If it\’s latest technologies, which will be tested on the suitability of your market and your everyday usage, you are ready to engage in appropriate tests and agreements which generally have aimed to use capital, resources and transport systems more efficiently partner existing margin. If fun to connect people with people is to be the at the Centre of our efforts, existing systems are sometimes more hindrance than help. We flip but static systems and we are creating new facts, often new findings come to days that drive us again and with fresh vigor.

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