January 8, 2019


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1 Must put things in practice even if you know much, there that know how to make things, prepare the bases, and learn, you can go as far as you propose everything depends on you, yourself you are the only person who stands between failure and success. 2 Keep a system and marcate your daily work. 3 You have to take action if you already have the proper tools, if not do who is failing. 4 You have to pre-dial you small objectives, how to make a prospect to sign into your business a week, so I really grow your business. 5 Put into practice everything what they teach you and you learn on your own, you must not stay in the theory. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit technology investor.

6 Accept your responsibility to enter into a business, asumela, which wants can. 7. Be creative, generates ideas with your team, participate with your idea and give your opinion, everything works must put it in practice. 8 Signed a document of commitment with yourself, apply with the experience acquired from others and thus get your own experience that you make with the passage of time. The key is commitment.

9. Recalls that in business by Internet must be prepared, be isto for anything you have to say or do with your prospects. 10 Know what tools they will need and who they are. -Autoresponder – Blogs – networks social 11 – remember that you have to be prepared because that will occur when your network has doubled? are you going to be able to be present with all your prospects? Your sponsored depends on you, you’re their leader, must lead by example of professionalism. 12 Lot people fail business MLM for not being ready for action, because they are not trained, so you must attend meetings and training for your company. 13. The large professional Networkers are mincers that focuses on creativity and not copy to the competition.

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