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February 2, 2014


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Still today the area of Service Desk is very common to receive requests for resolution from calls, says thus, well different. Facts as: the machine of the coffee is with problems, my cellular one does not bind, the water through of the department does not function etc. These requests have something to see with YOU? Of course not, but the truth is that many times are not clearly to the user which are the real attributions of the department of technology of the information. At many moments, I observe a maken a mistake idea of the professionals of a corporation in relating the department of YOU as an area of resolution also for equipment that does not correspond what he is of responsibility of the service desk. E, if this occurs, despite let us be in the age of the constant evolution of the technology, you professional, or exactly using YOU, needs to understand, above all, what it is a Catalogue of Services. Beyond knowing for where to bind, is necessary to identify of which services Cardpio.

You seem easy, but without it, perhaps comet a terrible error when asking for feijoada in one fast food of Arab food. Bringing this situation to the corporative environment. How much time and work are wasted for its department not to clearly possess a Catalogue of Services and objective? The catalogue in question is the cardpio offered for the department of technology of the information to the users of its corporation. It possesss all the offered services, softwares and corporative systems that can be installed and be supported. If used well, he does not have possibility of the technician to commit the error to give has supported to a software that at least> it is homologated by the company. But the elaboration of a Catalogue of Services is not simple task, either even so basic.

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