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Credit In Europe

July 25, 2013


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Seriousness and professionalism for the micro-loans the Ferratum Group, financial holding company of Finnish and present origin in more than 15 countries, with its Spanish mark Creditomovil, offers in our market a solution to satisfy the immediate needs economic with extra money that can arise to us at a certain time and before circumstances impossible to plan or extraordinary expenses realised in the vacacional period. We know that the return to cole and to begin is a hill difficult again to approach, to something unforeseen circumstance, the schools, the expenses of clothes, some gift that you bought of memory without planning All this can cause that your first months after the summer period are hard to surpass. In Creditomovil they facilitate these months to you with micro-loans that you can pay with great facilities and that allow you to begin the winter with desire, force and a smile, without great economic preoccupations. In addition, the operation is well simple. Acceding to the page Web: or can be asked for loans between 50 and 300, that they must be given back in 15 days plus the application of a fixed cost. These loans ask for through the page Web or by means of a simple SMS.

the process is fast. In 10 minutes you can have the solution to your economic problem, since the amount asked for in your current account enters to you immediately comments satisfied one with the faithful clients to Creditomovil. A fast loan can solve a small lack to us of momentary liquidity and if, in addition, it is a loan online, without red tape, easy, simple and mainly surely and guaranteed by the financial holding company Ferratum Group, we will know that we are in good hands. More than 100 professionals any proceeding and power work for hacerte simpler thus to satisfy the needs with their clients, in a company of continuous world-wide expansion that promotes the ethical commerce at international level. More information in: Telephone of Attention to the client: 902 03 09 75 Web: On Creditomovil Creditomovil of Group Ferratum is a financier of Finnish origin dedicated to the concession of microloans. Present in more than 15 countries in Europe, Ferratum Group is leader in the sector offering to the fast operative market, an effective one and is transparent like solution to problems of immediate liquidity. With loans of small quantity that are going from the 50 Euros to the 300 Euros and to give back in a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution since the enter the account of the clients can be made cash in ten minutes less than.

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