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July 13, 2012


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Customers now ask questions, complaints, claims and want to know about the status of your requests or orders. They are taught to new technologies information. Prefer the convenience of your house or better from her bed with a remote control, see what they will buy and that this comes through a phone call at the door of his house (or your bed?). The world changes. The largest cities became complicated mobility, overcrowding eliminated the possibility of personalized contacts. But this is where ICT began to adapt to the changing needs of the convenience of humans.

The internet, cell phones, IPTV is the result of these trends. The survivors of this era of information and knowledge, will see a new world that was never viewed by any writer verniano. Perhaps the predictors of future changes as Alvin Toffler, they could see the skyline. Our interest is not delve into the complex problems of pollution and global warming may lead him to the planet. We assume that some rational planetary leaders take timely measures to curb fossil fuel use and the elements we have the edge.

From that perspective, that is if the planet is saved and we are still here in 15 or 20 years, it\’s best that already begin to adapt technologies to the new demands of customers of all private or public institutions. What is at stake is the survival of businesses and products in the coming years. If you save the planet as we all want, the responsibility within modern enterprises of the state or individuals, is to save customers. Customers will not tolerate us that we address them with the intensity and quality they expect. ICT use, call, internet, IPTV, mobile phones, vehicles, advanced communication systems. The modern company can not go to the saga is a need for innovation, renewal, research and development of best practices of modern marketing, or CRM, in terms of total customer satisfaction through the appropriate use of technology information and communication. Is your company prepared for this?.

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