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Expansion Of The Retail Network

January 1, 2018


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In Hamburg, there is a new Tom tailer shop on 4 may the year 2011 be the fashion brand Tom Tailer retail network in Hamburg. The Tom tailer group of companies acquired the 51 percent of the retail joint venture GmbH with effect of 1 April 2011. This was a sales partner of Sagmeister. Reason for this acquisition is the focus on further establishing and extending the brand Tom Tailer for Austria according to the company. As soon as the contract for this project is signed, the already eight, are already existing franchise stores run by Tom Tailer in the Switzerland and Germany with a retail store.

During which company the brand Tom Tailer will be located in Austria of the other franchise in its own. As the company further reported, they see enormous growth potential in Austria. Caused this idea is because Austria is known for its employing foreign market. The promotion of the brand Tom Tailer participates in the company itself now with 51 percent, yet receives Sagmeister a share of 49 percent. Among other things, the subsidiary of Sagmeister operates not only fashion markets of the company Tom Tailer, but also other more luxury-fashion houses in Austria. The fashion brand has approximately 181 stores, which run in the franchise mode form this acquisition since end of March 2011. There are 35 retail-led stores in Austria according to the company. Furthermore, the fashion company plans an opening of 60 to 70 stores in the Switzerland and Germany. But also the planning of retail stores in France and the Benelux countries is one of the considerations of the company. Tom Tailer has established itself all over the world.

Grand Seiko Goes Online

August 3, 2017


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The Japanese brand of Grand Seiko presents itself in the World Wide Web Willich, 11 January 2013. Punctually at the beginning of the new year Seikos luxury brand presents Grand Seiko with an own website. In, lovers of high quality watches, in addition to the products will find also a wealth of interesting information about history, technologies and the design of the luxury timepiece from the House of Seiko. Videos, informative drawings and creative animations make the visit to the beautifully designed website a lively experience. What awaits the viewer the new website offers comprehensive information about the brand of Grand Seiko, the ordered structure facilitates the search. \”In the category special features\” visitors in addition to information about the history of the brand will find detailed explanations of the concept of Grand Seiko. See collection\”all current models present themselves divided in four technology areas: mechanics, spring drive and spring drive chronograph. The respective detail pages of the watches offer caliber information Great views of the models.

The area of manufacture\”gives information about Grand Seikos single watch technologies in detail and turns out their characteristics. From the historical development to detailed information about the operation and all major components of the respective caliber, users can find an extensive collection of material. Who wanted to learn auto adjustment system or the Hi-beat 36,000 so it always something about the backlash, you will here find it. In addition, explanations to the high quality standard of the Grand Seiko, in particular to the uncompromising Grand Seiko Zertifizierungs and audit process for mechanical watches that exceeds the world\’s usual chronometer standards can be found. \”Seiko\’s proprietary technology spring drive\” will be shown. Graphics and movies explaining the workings of this unique watch technology. Users in the category can find updates\”information about new products, events and special models. In the service \’ useful tips become the operating area and \” Care given the high-quality Grand Seiko watches and consumers can find the nearest Grand Seiko dealer the dealer area.

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