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Home Theater

January 6, 2016


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The new features of the technological world do not stop to appear, to each moment surprise in them at new models of televisions, computers, household-electric among others devices. For who he is fan cinema, but it prefers to attend its favourite film in the comfort of its house, Samsung launched a new line of Home Theater, that joins the technologies most innovative of the market. The Home Theater Samsung HT? C6930W is a device with many differentials, its characteristics surprises since the aesthetic one of the product until its more innovative functions. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Code.org. For who it appreciates a etretenimento in coforto of house, this device is fantastic, therefore it counts on the technology 3D that it is the new sensation of the cinemas, allows sharing of videos, photos, musics by means of Wi-Fi net among others functions as the Internet@Tv, this resource together with the TV 3D allows that the consumer has access among others the notice of the Vestibule Land, Youtube, Twitter, Picasa canals and sites, and optimum of everything he is that these resources are gratuitous. Beyond these resources we also count on excellent quality of sound, the equipment possesss 7,1 canals, 1330 W of power and more two functions that collaborate for this quality: Crystal Amp Pro, that it filters the sound, eliminating any noise and the Auto Sound Calibration that the automatic calibration of the speakers, so that the point of focus of the room is the consumer, independent of the place makes that it is in the environment. It liked? Clearly, who would not like to have a super device of these in the house room to use to advantage moments with the families and if to amuse with the friends..


January 4, 2016


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It possesses a minimum support to the HTML5 and can be the last navigator to implement the specifications of the monolingual. Until the total implementation of the HTML the 5 for all navigators Mercado, the stevedores will have to continue to develop with HTML 4 in Hussite. This will prevent that the users have frustrating experiences. Pete Cashmore has similar goals. 5 Conclusion the more specific demands each day of the market, explicitness the imbalance of 4 HTML and the urgent necessity of change. The new version of the HTML intends to make possible malformation of more robust development for applications web, therefore it will noir to imply in the lack of resources and will have easiness\’s to decide current necessitates of market of the stevedores, that in turn will have automatism options and resources with the new documentation and that with certainty will go continue to grow each time more.

We have that to remember that you are welcome pedestrianize Web is valid new elemental language without a critical analysis of the involvement on the basis of Semantics. As the majority of the navigators supports elements HTML 5 interdepartmental, at the moment, the new version of the language does not make sensible to interdepartmental a site using. However, when HTML 5se to become the standard recommended for the W3C, sites developed in HTML 4 teroseu classified content as little excellent. .

Roberta Security

December 29, 2015


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In fact, the term \’ \’ governana\’ \’ each time has been used more to indicate the implementation, planning activities and evaluation of the activities directed to the security. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree. To invest in well-being to fight the fraud. The extremely important information are of restricted knowledge, as the composition of products, etc. To guarantee the secrecy to other data campaign of awareness with the employees is carried through. The trend is that each time more the act to restrict the environment, because of vulnerabilities, aggravated, for example, for the popularizao of the cellular ones that they allow synchronization and counts on a series of interfaces, the risk increases. The company internal politics, norms, controls and monitorao to the measure have to adjust its that new devices appear. It is important to ratify that to close the doors, however, it implies in walking in the contrary direction of the market, that asks for more interaction.

The challenge for the company is to balance the benefits that the resources offer front to the risks that they add to the corporative environment. The balancing must inside take in account the profile of activity of the department of the organization. Today, one only politics for all does not exist the institution, each company presents differentiated characteristics and demands diverse politics in accordance with its profile. The risks will diminish or will be eradicated when the prevention will be present in the good relationship with its employees. .

Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

December 7, 2015


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The main part of the firepower of the Russian rocket and artillery troops are multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). These systems allow the mobile to take a firing position, quickly produce a massive war opponent in a short period of time and leave the place of the volley before the commission of the enemy retaliation. Multicharge reactive systems defines the simultaneous destruction of targets at significant areas, and volley fire provides a sudden and high effect against the enemy. The prototype of the modern systems was the mlrs rocket launcher BM-13 Katyusha ", entered service June 21, 1941. Group designers as part ii Gvaya, vn Galkovskiy, ap , Alexander Popov and others on the basis of a lorry and a launcher for missiles RS-132 was created reactive system BM-13. Pete Cashmore is a great source of information.

Katyusha had 8 guides flute type with two rows of shells. Firing range BM-13 reached 8470m, the volley was carried out for the 7-10sekund, machine weight without shells – 7,2 m. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pete Cashmore and gain more knowledge.. Rocket systems in the Great Patriotic War, well proven and postwar period from 1945 deals with the development of scientific-production association "Fusion". In 1963, for service made "Grad", developed on the basis of the vehicle chassis URAL-375D or URAL-4320 with 40 stilling 122mm caliber. Maximum firing range – 20,5 km. Head of the projectiles "Castle" have different functions: high-explosive warheads are designed to engage manpower (in the first fragments formed during the explosion sleeve in the second – before backfilled inside); thermobaric affects manpower, light armored vehicles and fortifications; incendiary warhead is designed to create mass lesions fires (burning time of about 3min at temperature of up to 20000S); agitation warhead designed to spread leaflets.

Pioneer Electronic

February 15, 2015


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This electronic condition that is in its origin many times is overcast when one is opposed was of the radio that another one would belong to the past to one was of the image that would define the gift and would point with respect to the future. As it seems evident, the radio did not finish with the end of what would be electronic technology: as much the radio as the TV belongs to the age of the information, and the radio was the manifestation precocious of the electronic age in the mass communication. 5 5. Conclusion Concluding, therefore, those that thought that with the sprouting of the Television in century XX, in the decade of 30, and the sprouting of the Internet, also in the end of century XX, would go to bury the radio, if had been deceptive. It is the Radio surely still in full century XXI, the most important vehicle of mass communication of that if it today has notice until together with the latest Internet. Until the television if it relieves in hearing terms.

Its abrangncia is impressive, being considered way of an income-producing and cheap diffusion, and its creation with necessary support and infrastructure of easy resolution. To only have an idea, the number of radios in the world alone made to increase. If it does not have knowledge in the current days that the closing of a bigger number of what has existed the ones that are created. In the Internet the radio even is, is enough to have access in Brazil, the pages of the Brazilian Central office of Notice CBN, of So Paulo -, Radio Globe, Rio De Janeiro, Radio Young Pan, So Paulo, Radio Gaucho, Rio Grande Do Sul, of Columbia Broadcasting System CBS, of U.S.A., the International France Radio, the Radio and Italian Television RAI, of the Radio and Portuguese Television and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC of England, also in Brazil in the Internet,, among others, to prove that the radio is really still the greater vehicle diffusion and formador of opinion in the whole world. In the cellular devices a radio of its interest even can be had access. Bibliography 1. BARBER, Herdoto and Lima, Manual Pablo R.

Solar Energy

November 18, 2014


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Myth 1: Solar energy is too expensive. Today's bulky solar panels are really expensive and can detect only 10% of solar energy. However, the American company First Solar plans to create 2012 new panel generation is far more subtle and more effective today. Therefore, in the hot regions of the solar energy will soon be able to compete with conventional fuels. The African countries can even export it to Europe. Myth 2: Energy Wind is unreliable.

The use of wind energy is considered to be exotic. Meanwhile, wind power generators for 40% of energy consumption and 15% of Spain – Great Britain. Some experts believe that perhaps soon up to 30% of the electricity in the world will be produced by wind energy. Myth 3: Energy surges ineffective. The powerful energy of the surf is difficult to subdue the man, especially because few structures withstand prolonged exposure to water. However, last year in Northern Ireland was launched the first surf turbine, which supplies electricity to the grid of Great Britain. A similar success stories recorded in Portugal, where the wave generators have been installed.

Myth 4: Nuclear energy is cheap. Many people believe that nuclear energy is the most effective solution. However, the construction of nuclear power plants is very costly. This is not to forget about the problem of processing and storage of nuclear waste. Myth 5: The electric cars are slow and unsightly. For those who think electric cars slow and absurd, remember that in the U.S. was sold for $ 100,000 electric sports Tesla, fast and elegant. Perhaps the end of 2008 was not the best time to showcase luxury cars, but Tesla proved that the electric car can be as good as conventional vehicles. Myth 6: biofuels bad for the environment. It is believed that biofuels will have to let the fertile soil for cultivation of special raw materials. However, experts believe that soon the technology will be created Conventional processing agricultural waste to generate energy. Myth 7: The Future of "organic" farming. Studies show that the production of 'organic' products can give not more than half the necessary food, so can not speak about a complete transition to organic agriculture. Myth 8: The construction of the "carbon-free" of concrete – the salvation of the greenhouse effect. Must Considering that the construction of homes "carbon-free" concrete costing twice as expensive than building ordinary houses, and the transition to this material in the near future is unlikely. Rather, it is necessary to focus on the organization household so as to reduce carbon emissions into the environment, as is done in Germany. Myth 9: The power must be large. Compact combined power of a new type may produce up to half of the required energy. They can be placed in ordinary homes not only provide them with electricity, and heat. Myth 10: the climate change problem must be solved with the help of high technology. High-tech road and can often create more problems, so you should look for simple ways to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. An example of such a simple and cheap solution can is the use of biochar. Burning agricultural waste without air protects the environment from pollution and, at the same time, it is formed as a result of a great natural fertilizer for the soil. Original article in HealthNews

Solid State Lighting

July 18, 2014


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By 2003 data, the cost of white LEDs (expressed in lumens – unit of luminous flux) is 300 times greater than the cost of incandescent bulbs! Of course, the massive use of expensive lighting devices is somewhat unrealistic, Even if we consider that the life of the led (about 50 000 hours), ten times more than incandescent bulbs. The more so because of the efficiency of white LEDs are now only two times higher than incandescent lamps and even do not reach fluorescent light. But progress is inexorable. Production of super-bright LEDs increases by 30-40% per year (by the way, 50% of the market accounted for backlighting screens for various electronic devices). Respectively, are growing and the cost of research and development. So that the efficiency of LEDs will continue to grow, and the price per unit of luminous flux – to plummet. She was already falling by about 10 times every 10 years. Moderately optimistic forecasts promise that by 2020, semiconductor light sources come in most homes. Incidentally, the Moscow government did not wait for 2020 and adopted a medium term target program \”Energy efficient lighting based on led technology \”for 2004-2006.

According to this program are encouraged to use LEDs in the test construction, housing and other areas. For example, the led lights will be installed in underground crossings, entrances, elevators on floors, that is, where do not need more light, but it requires minimal maintenance and cost, as well as high Antivandal. Needless to say that the U.S. operates a similar national program Solid State Lighting (Solid state lighting\”). Good to know that the appearance of the LEDs had a hand in our compatriots. Physical phenomenon, which relies on the led, first observed by O. Losev in Novgorod in 1923. Modern LEDs represent a heterostructure, ie, layers of different semiconductor materials grown on top of each other and have a common crystal lattice. And the first heterostructure created zi Alferov, in 1960, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 2000. Today our success in this area, however, is very modest, but nevertheless, we note that Moscow once the world\’s first city with a massive use of led traffic lights, installing thousands of such lights to its 850-year anniversary. Of course, they were made from imported light-emitting diodes, but now in Russia are made super-bright LEDs. But again the main component of a white led (semiconductor structure consisting of gallium nitride and indium) comes from abroad, since cultivation of these structures – a very delicate process and requires expensive equipment, which in Russia yet. What awaits in the future the industry – time will tell.

Service Desk

February 2, 2014


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Still today the area of Service Desk is very common to receive requests for resolution from calls, says thus, well different. Facts as: the machine of the coffee is with problems, my cellular one does not bind, the water through of the department does not function etc. These requests have something to see with YOU? Of course not, but the truth is that many times are not clearly to the user which are the real attributions of the department of technology of the information. At many moments, I observe a maken a mistake idea of the professionals of a corporation in relating the department of YOU as an area of resolution also for equipment that does not correspond what he is of responsibility of the service desk. E, if this occurs, despite let us be in the age of the constant evolution of the technology, you professional, or exactly using YOU, needs to understand, above all, what it is a Catalogue of Services. Beyond knowing for where to bind, is necessary to identify of which services Cardpio.

You seem easy, but without it, perhaps comet a terrible error when asking for feijoada in one fast food of Arab food. Bringing this situation to the corporative environment. How much time and work are wasted for its department not to clearly possess a Catalogue of Services and objective? The catalogue in question is the cardpio offered for the department of technology of the information to the users of its corporation. It possesss all the offered services, softwares and corporative systems that can be installed and be supported. If used well, he does not have possibility of the technician to commit the error to give has supported to a software that at least> it is homologated by the company. But the elaboration of a Catalogue of Services is not simple task, either even so basic.

New Blu Ray Technology

October 10, 2012


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Many new technologies are entering in the market, one of them are the Blu Ray, that is an optic record that arrived in such a way to substitute the DVD and wheel in the computers as in video reproducers. Its size is the same of a normal COMPACT DISC, however it possesss a bigger capacity of storage. He allows to see images perfect and he possesss resources multimedia, is for these reasons that it is gaining each time more adepts. The main difference of the one for the DVDs normal is the storage capacity: with a layer it can keep until 25GB of data against 4,7 GB of the DVD. A version with two layers also exists that can store until 50GB of data. as well as the CDs and DVDs exists the ones that can recorded and be rewritten. It functions with a blue-violet light, therefore its Blu Ray name, or blue ray, but ' ' e' ' of the end he was taken off by being a very common word in the United States and hardly it would be a possible word to patent itself. Many rooms of cinema are being launched in 3D, and each time more films are being made with this technology and industry is following this movement launching TVs fine and with the technology 3D, therefore Blu Ray 3D wheel in all the normal devices, and same that Blu Ray is for 3D it goes to twirl but without the definitions of image in 3D. Although looser the dispute with the DVD, is a little used technology in Brazil, first which had to its high value here and why the protection excess makes with that the users see this with a certain disdain, beyond the fact that the Internet in Brazil is each faster time and with many films in HD to lower, this makes with that much people prefer to receive these videos for the same Internet instead of arcar with a well high cost.


September 7, 2012


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Thus also as a school is difficult to keep a library brought up to date with periodicals of other states, daily periodicals and weekly and biweekly magazines. Therefore it is that computer science enters, more especially the Internet here. In this net what it was impossible it starts to be alcanvel. With the Internet the pupils can travel and know many new features. A tecnologizada society is, before everything, a society with all its tram of social relations. The technology offers to resources and advances, but it imposes definitive norms and rules; being born new ethics in these relations.

We wait that this if does not give only in the privileged layers of the society. The NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN the START OF CENTURY XXI Between 1997 and 2001 gave to beginning to an explosion and dissemination of the new technologies of the information and communication, as the mobile telephone, the birth of the digital television, the access the Internet. Together with all these technological advances came also the sprouting of new companies in the branch of the telecommunication, thus facilitating our daily one. With the appearance of these new companies, the society alone had to earn, therefore before the decade of 90, the people were rare who had conditions to acquire a telephonic line, because the cost was high. Today we have a fan of options in telephony companies, since the product fell of price, was more easy of the population to have access. Favours this low of price, until today it has a very great search in the devices of telecommunication, mobile as in such a way fixed. The growth and the progress did not only come to companies of telecommunications, also came to the industries in general way. With the sprouting of the Internet and as the growth of the access flow the same one, the industries and companies in its some branches, had started to invest in the sprouting of the innovation and the development in the world of the communication einformao, thus facilitating the course and growth of the company in its diverse sectors.

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